Why is this Friday a holiday in Cuarte de Huerva and in Zaragoza schools?

“In Cuarte de Huerva there are two local festivities: one on March 5, on the occasion of the Cincomarzada, and another on July 26, Santa Ana. As this year the first is Saturday, we have changed it to this Friday“, they explain from the City Council of this Zaragoza municipality near the Aragonese capital.

“It was decided to do it like this to coincide with the holiday of Zaragoza capital, but finally the Aragonese capital changed it to Monday, March 7. Here it was decided to leave as it had been raised from the beginning,” the same sources point out.

Thus, although Cuarte has its own Town Hall, its proximity to the Aragonese capital means that its holidays usually coincide. Only this time it will not be like that because in the town they will hold a party on March 4 and in the capital on March 7. .

For this reason The local establishments, including Mercadona and Lidl, will remain closed this Friday, March 4, just like schools, “in which there will be no class”. “The only place that will remain open will be the health center because it belongs to the town of María de Huerva and it is not a holiday there”, they explain from the consistory.

Bridge from Friday, included, in the schools of Zaragoza capital

By contrast, on March 5, Saturday, the shops will open to the public in Cuarte at its usual time, like any other Saturday, as well as on Monday, a day that will be a local holiday in Zaragoza capitalwhere all establishments will remain closed and where there will be no classes in schools, suspended, in turn, from this Friday.

And it is that the school calendar includes for the educational community of Zaragoza capital Friday, March 4, as a holiday, so that they will have a long bridge of four days since Monday, March 6, is also a holiday in the capital.

What is celebrated on March 5

But,what exactly is celebrated on this day? The Cincomarzada reminds the people of Zaragoza who defended the city, on March 5, 1838, from the Carlist Army, which had to withdraw. This event is part of the First Carlist War when about 2,000 soldiers commanded by General Juan Cabañero assaulted Zaragoza.

The Carlist Army entered through the Puerta del Carmen with the aim of occupying the rest of the city gates. What these troops commanded by Cabañero did not expect was the response of the people of Zaragoza.

And it is that the inhabitants of Zaragoza reacted by throwing furniture out the window to create trenches in the streets and make it impossible for the army to advance. Zaragoza women played an important role in this fight after throwing boiling oil and water over their balconies at rival soldiers. After a day of fighting, Cabañero decides to put an end to the brief day of fighting in the city of Zaragoza.

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