“We want to show ourselves that we deserve better classification”

While the zaragocismo continues visualizing Iván Azón’s goal, Juan Ignacio Martínez lowers the euphoria. In a shorter week than usual, with just four training sessions before Almería’s visit to La Romareda, the coach from Alicante stresses the importance of not having “not a bit” of relaxing. He asks his players not to confuse “confidence” with “lack of concentration” and anticipates that there are “13 finals” left in which the team wants to show that “deserves better rating”.

We want all the games to be great finals. There are 13 games left and we have to play them to the limit. We have had a rather irregular seasonwith many mountain peaks, and now we want to show ourselves that we deserved better results than those achieved up to now”, remarked the coach from Zaragoza, in a speech that is not far from that of a couple of weeks ago.

The 10 cushion points on relegation give “another perspective”, but Jim calls on his players to face the games “in the same way” that they have been doing it, trying to turn Real Zaragoza into a team “as reliable as possible”.

On Friday we have another very important game. We will face each duel as the last”, he has advanced, at the gates of receiving the second classified of the category. “What am I going to tell about the rival… Above all, it is a very offensive team and we will have to maintain a high degree of concentration in order not to make mistakes”, he continued, recalling that “there are many incidents” to control so that the “bad image” offered in the first leg.

Real Zaragoza comes to this game with Jair and Vada out due to the accumulation of yellow cards. “It is not good to lose players, but it is a regular league in which the accumulation of cards is there. We have been lucky to lose players evenly. The important thing is that all the players are capable of making their teammate who can’t play forget”, Jim pointed out, and hinted that Lluís López will be the one who occupies the left-handed profile of the central axis.

“Francés is more used to playing alongside Jair in the right profile, but the important thing is that both he and Jair maintain their concentration during the 90 minutes. If we are capable of being serious in defense, we will have many options to win the game”, he advanced, before celebrating the effectiveness from set pieces.

Since Eugeni has arrived, things are happening. The set piece is very important because many times, in games that are very close, makes them opt for one side or the other. Luckily, in the last games he is giving us points. This is work that has been going on for a long time and it is good for it to be known. We rehearse a lot of movements in those actions, sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. Now they’re dating and hopefully it stays that way,” Jim said.

Finally, he referred to the importance of Azón in the team and the state of the injured. “Azón has been a regular since I’ve been here. He is a super honest player, super honest, who leaves everything. That for the coach is a difficult quality to find. Other players have a hard time adjusting to the match when they come on; he gives everything from minute one. He is going to give us a lot between now and the end of the season”, said the coach, who is confident that Álvaro and Petrovic will make it to the match.

Nano is slower in its progression and Zapater too. Álvaro I think he will make it to the game and Petrovic trained on Tuesday and I think he will be against Almería”, Jim concluded.

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