“We all have to take a step forward”

The SD Huesca footballers are the first to recognize that the situation is complicated and that they are far from the intended goal. Hence, they invoke values ​​such as unity with the fans and still cling to mathematics in the intricate and uncertain path to the ‘play off’, which inevitably involves defeating UD Las Palmas at El Alcoraz this Saturday (4:00 p.m. , Movistar LaLiga). asked about it, Joaquín Muñoz has indicated this Wednesday that “as long as there are points” there is hope and asks that the azulgranas take “a step forward” not as a criticism or way of detecting a lack but as a non-negotiable approach for the last 13 days.

Still with the smoldering embers of the Ibiza defeat, coach Xisco Muñoz spoke with the players for 25 minutes before training began at the Barça stadium and after being absent on Tuesday due to a trip to Madrid. “It’s a complicated situation, we wanted to get the three points. We saw each other in the game on many occasions and it is painful to lose. It only remains to look at Las Palmas and win “, in a match for which the only casualty at the moment is that of the injured Jorge Pulido. The homegrown players Manu Rico, Euse Monzó and Hugo Anglada have worked with the elders.

The Malacitano has insisted that the Second Division is “a fucked up category, we have to think about who we are and where we come from. We have a responsibility and we have to take a step forward and know where we want to go, if we want to return to the highest category”, he assessed, without excessive pressure being felt: “Pressure for the doctor who has to save a life. We are players with the responsibility of knowing where we are. We have to start picking up gallons and push forward”.

Joaquín Muñoz considers that this is the moment of the season “to say what we want to do and move forward. We have a very good squad with the reinforcements, a lot of things to think about big and take a step forward” with Las Palmas, Alcorcón, Burgos and Málaga as our closest rivals. The role of the fans acquires a great value, since “We know the importance of playing in El Alcoraz and we need the support of the fans more than ever. That they trust us and why not a packed house to look up”.

They are aware that “we have to know how to manage the start of the game and that they don’t cover us up on the first play. We have to be smarter.” A Joaquín with a clear speech has also listed that “in this category you win three games and you seem the best. Anyone can beat you and we have to be alive and savvy” in a match against another of those teams that has to be overtaken in this race against the clock and the statistics.

The role of the Malacitano in Xisco Muñoz’s plans was reactivated last Saturday after two days without adding minutes. “I don’t make those decisions, if the coach thinks it’s convenient I’ll contribute or I’ll wait my turn. My goal in Ibiza is more a matter of something else than faith”, assured a footballer who feels “At a decisive moment of the season and if we have that mettle we will go for it. The bills? As long as there are points…

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