Vox, with 1,800 affiliates in Zaragoza, predicts that it will assume “great responsibilities” in 2023

Vox Zaragoza trusts to assume “big responsibilities” in Aragon after the regional and municipal elections to be held next year. This was stated this Wednesday by Julio Calvo, municipal spokesman for the party in the Zaragoza City Council and president of the Provincial Executive Committee, who gave an account yesterday of the “achievements” achieved in the first convention of the formation.

They strengthen their “great expectations” in the 1,800 members they have reached and in the results that the surveys give to the formation of Santiago Abascal in the Zaragoza metropolitan area, which Calvo refers to as a “green belt”, since he assures that the intention to vote exceeds 40% They would reach an absolute majority, as detailed, in Cuarte de Huerva, María de Huerva, Cadrete, La Muela, Alfajarín, La Puebla de Alfindén and Villanueva de Gállego.

Regarding the result that they could obtain in the regional ones, Calvo limited himself to pointing out that they hope to get 25% of the votes in the province. “It is possible that our presence will grow significantly in all the institutions and that will imply assuming responsibilities and forming teams, which we already have, but with our sights set on this responsibility,” he said.

What he did not specify is whether he himself will make the leap from the municipal lists to the autonomic ones. “It’s not the moment”, assured. Although as president of the Provincial Executive Committee in Zaragoza he will be in charge of formulating the proposal to Madrid, although he assured that the decision will be adopted “in a collegiate manner”.

Such is the support that they say they have achieved that they have been forced to change their headquarters to a place that triples the facilities they had until now. There were no free spaces left in the convention held in a room of the Gran Hotel de Zaragoza. They filled the 300 seats available, and ordered 50 more.

In addition to giving an account of the institutional work carried out, they disseminated the party’s accounts, which range between 40,000 and 50,000 euros a year and which come from the contributions of the affiliates.

The leader of Vox indicated that “the economic and political situation of our country is quite improvable and needs everyone’s help”so his party is “willing to fight to improve the expectations of the Spanish”.

He also referred to the negotiation to form the Government in Castilla y León, and considered that “if you want to make changes in politics, something can be done from the opposition, but it is much more important to be in power; there are expectations to move forward the electoral program. He did not want to comment on whether it would be enough to assume the presidency of the Castilian and Leonese Cortes.

He ruled out that the result of the negotiation in Castilla y León has an impact on the agreement that Vox maintains with PP and Cs in the Zaragoza City Council. In the Aragonese capital, his party tried to “prevent the left from governing” and also “carry out the largest number of proposals included in the Vox program and we are achieving it”he concluded.

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