Unemployment falls in Aragon by 186 people in February to 61,163 unemployed

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the Public Employment Service has dropped in February in Aragon in 186 people, 0.3% compared to the previous month, which places the total number of unemployed at 61,163.

According to data published this Wednesday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, compared to February of last year, unemployment has fallen on 25,995 people, 29.83 percent.

In the second month of the year, unemployment has risen minimally, compared to the previous month, in the province of Zaragozain 8 people, 0.02%, while has dropped by 101 in Huesca (1.23%) and in that of Teruel in 93 people (1.78%).

Thus, the total number of registered unemployed amounts to 47,949 in Saragossa, to 8,080 in Huesca now 5,134 in Teruel.

Compared to February 2021, the unemployed have decreased in 18,861 in the province of Zaragoza (28.23%), in 4,432 in Huesca (35.42%) and in 2,702 in Teruel (34.48%).

Of the 61,163 unemployed registered in the employment offices at the end of February, 36,828 are women, which represents 60.21% of the total number of unemployed people, and 24,335 are men, 39.79%.

By ages, 4,945 unemployed are under 25 years old (2,519 men and 2,426 women) and 56,218 over that age (34,402 women and 21,816 men).

Unemployment falls more in the construction sector

Unemployment has fallen the most in construction, by 140 people, followed by industry, by 137, and agriculture, in 131, while it has risen among the group without previous employment, by 172 people, and in the services sector, by 50 people.

In this way, the total number of unemployed people in the service sector stood at 42,337 in February, in the industry in 6,869, among the group without previous employment in 4,723, in construction in 3,731 and in agriculture in 3,503.

The number of unemployed foreigners in Aragon amounts to 12,706, 20.77% of the total unemployed after increasing by 96 people compared to January, 0.76 percent. In annual variation, unemployment among foreigners has decreased by 7,265 people, 36.38%.

Of the total number of unemployed foreigners, 7,376 are from non-EU countries and 5,330 from European Union countries, and the majority belong to the service sector, 7,257, followed by agriculture (1,753), the group without previous employment (1,675), industry (1,031) and construction (990).

Fewer contracts are signed than in January

In February 39,498 contracts were signed in Aragon, 2,611 less than the previous month, 6.2% less, although 6,198 more than in February 2021, which represents an increase of 18.61%.

Of the total contracts signed, 8,284 were indefinite, 20.97%, and temporary 31,214 (79.03%).

By provinces, in Zaragoza 30,085 were signed (8.48 percent less than a month before); in Huesca were 6,300 (1.84% more) and in Teruel 3,113 (2.03% more).

At the end of February, 37,030 people received some type of benefit in Aragón, 60.54% of the total number of unemployed. From them, 20,307 received contributory benefit, 14,740 a subsidy and 1,983 an active insertion income.

Spending on unemployment benefits rose in Aragon to 42.67 million euros, with an average amount of the contributory benefit of 894.9 euros per month.

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