The Zaragoza Amusement Park opens the season with a solidarity action

The Zaragoza Amusement Park will open its season next Saturday, March 5, and for three days ten percent of the collection from the bracelets will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, in addition to setting up smoke-free spaces.

With the motto, ‘Relive unique moments’, the entertainment complex reopens its doors with the intention that visitors “relive those unique, special and happy moments that once lived with us. And that now, with their children or even grandchildren, they can repeat the experience.”

In addition to the 38 attractions that this space has, during the season special actions will be recovered such as the traditional Oktoberfest during the Pilar festivitiesthe celebration of Halloween and a new Christmas edition.

This year as a novelty the pool returns in summer and it will become a place of enjoyment combined with the attractions in addition to getting relief from the Zaragoza heat, they explain from the Parque de Atracciones in a press release.

From Saturday March 5 a total of 38 attractions they will delight users who visit an iconic facility in the city.

This year, Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza wants to become a health agent and promote healthy lifestyles, which is why it has generated synergies with the Spanish Association Against Cancer and, During the first weekend, certain areas of the park will be converted into smoke-free spaces.

In collaboration with volunteers from the organization brochures will be distributed with guidelines that can help in the day to day to adopt small actions such as healthy eating, sun care or not smokingcollaboration that will expand with different actions during the opening season.

They will also have practical workshops related to research and taught by ‘volunteersxlaciencia’ in order to bring science closer to the little ones and their families.

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