The University of Zaragoza wants to attract students to fill the 2,500 places for its master’s degrees

The University of Zaragoza opens this coming Friday, March 4, and until the end of the month, the first phase of admission to university master’s studies with a higher offer than 2,500 places in 60 degrees. This year the public campus has launched a dissemination campaign with the slogan ‘Grow with us’ and a new search engine with the complete offer ( with the aim of attract students, since last year 1,800 new students were received. Currently, 2,544 students are taking them.

The initiative was presented this Wednesday by the director of the Postgraduate and Doctorate Secretariat, María Zúñiga, and the academic deputy manager Pilar Sánchez Burriel. Zúñiga highlighted that the master’s degree proposal is committed to “diversity”there are those of the five branches of knowledge, and they are “highly specialized and advanced training”.

This edition of the process presents several novelties that represent a benefit for all the people who are thinking of enrolling. For the first time, it will be possible to carry out the registration without having finished the degree studies if the Final Degree Project is pending and up to a maximum of nine credits.

In addition, the ‘Unizar Masters’ have been given their own identity by designing a joint outreach campaign that will be seen in the streets of the three Aragonese capitals the week of March 15 to 21. The slogan of the campaign is ‘grow with us’ to strengthen the idea that doing a master’s degree on the Aragonese public campus not only favors the professional growth of students, but is also a commitment to growth “of a social dimension and in experience”, Zúñiga pointed out. The chosen image is a blue glass orchid corporate, since it is about the flowering plants “with the greatest biodiversity” and that they extend practically all over the world.

To find out about the offer of master’s degrees and select from the complete catalogue, it has been designed in a study search engine with which it is intended that any interested person can explore the entire offer with ease. Allows you to enter search criteria (topic, price, faculty, type, duration…).

The main novelty of the offer for the next academic year will be the implementation of the Master’s Degree in Tumor Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy. At the moment the registration is not going to open in this March shift, since, as explained by the university officials, the process for its verification and start-up is being finalized, although it is expected to arrive in time to open the registration in June. . In 2020, the second cause of mortality in Spain was tumors, with 112,741 people, figures that highlight the importance of these studies for society. At a scientific level, the relevance of this title is also high. Cancer immunotherapy was considered the most important scientific breakthrough of the year 2013 by ‘Science’ magazine and the Nobel Prize in Physiology Medicine was awarded in 2018 to the pioneers in this field, Jim Allison and Tasuku Honjo.

Since the last academic year, the entire admission process for a master’s degree can be carried out electronically and includes two phases: admission, which starts now and will be open again in June and September, and registration, which takes place in July or September. The University of Zaragoza website includes several infographics with the main concepts, dates and documentation that are necessary.

The 90% of the master’s degrees at the University of Zaragoza are considered “strategic” by the Government of Aragon. That is why each year it grants individual grants of 4,770 euros, intended to contribute to living expenses, travel and expenses incurred during the academic period in the completion of a strategic master’s degree.

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