The transfer of several tanks for maneuvers in Zaragoza causes alarm and confusion in several localities

Pedro Sánchez confirmed this Wednesday morning, after a change of opinion by the Spanish Government, that the Ministry of Defense will finally send weapons to the Ukrainian troops fighting against the Russian invasion.

Perhaps for this reason, residents of Binéfar, Grañén and other Aragonese towns were alarmed to see a convoy with about twenty tanks and they showed their confusion on social networks. But his destination was not Ukraine, but Zaragoza.

As confirmed by the Government delegation in Aragon, referring to Defense sources, it was a deployment of the Army to scheduled maneuvers in the downtown st gregory, something usual

Around 150 Army soldiers, 22 heavy vehicles and another 50 light arrived earlier this week Tarragona port on the logistics ship Ysabel coming from Ceuta and from there they had to travel to the Zaragoza maneuvering field to carry out a combat exercise and logistical support in combat.

Once these maneuvers are completed, it is planned that at the end of this week they will carry out the transfer in reverse to return to the Catalan port and embark again for Ceuta.

Support for Ukraine

This Wednesday night, Defense Minister Margarita Robles confirmed that the shipment that Spain will send to Ukraine in two planes next Friday will be made up of 1,370 grenade launchers against cars, 700,000 cartridges of machine guns and light machine guns. In no case of heavy vehicles.

Regarding the change of criteria for the direct shipment of arms, Robles defended that Spain “has been sending humanitarian and defensive material” to Ukraine and has added that the Russian offensive “evolves every day” and forces Spain, and even each member country of the EU, to change its decisions to “stand up to this unacceptable aggression”.

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