the rock of La Zaida and a braid of Almudévar

A casual meeting in Madrid laid the foundations for the visit of the Minister of Education. Pilar Joy. to ‘Buenismo Bien’, the comedy program by Quique Peinado, Henar Álvarez and Manuel Burque.

It was with the first two that the Zaragozan ran into last September in the center of Madrid. A follower of the program, she approached to say hello to a shock of both that did not last long. Álvarez, whiskey in hand, released the minister a “do you want to perrear?”.

The joke has ended with Alegría finally visiting the program although, although the trio of presenters invited her to dance at various times (it is something they do regularly), she refused, alleging shyness and poor dancing skills.

Although there was no wigglethe politician had time to talk about both her duties at the head of the ministry and more personal issues.

He spoke, for example, of his childhood in La Zaida, in a rural school. And of all the friends that he keeps from that time with whom “We have a rock that we have not yet been able to inaugurate; we have all put a little money to fix a corral”. Asked if the ideology of each one has ever been a problem, Alegría said that not at all, although he conceded that “I would have some more problem to have a drink with someone from Vox “.-

He also had time to reflect About your family. They asked her, for example, how she explains to her 8-year-old son the war unleashed in Ukraine, or how she manages to dedicate herself to politics at such a high level.

There was also space to talk about their mission, about education. He referred to his determination to raise the consideration of the teaching profession in Spain, as well as the formation of the group.

Although he acknowledged thatI came to the program scared”, he ended up promising to send them to a braid from Almudévar, but also other sweets from Aragonese gastronomy.

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