The prison extended for the accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend to death in Broto

The head of the Boltaña Investigating Court has extended the provisional prison situation of the young woman accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend to death in the Pyrenean town of Broto (Huesca) having already served the legal maximum of two years provided for in the Law of Criminal Procedure.

In her car, to which Efe has had access, the magistrate assesses the prosecution’s request for an extension and shares her criteria regarding the “high flight risk” of the accused given the high sentence she faces, 20 years in prison for murder with treachery, and the existence of “enough indications” that point to a conviction in those terms.

The judge also warns that although the defendantDaniela V.G., acquired Spanish nationality, has maintained, according to the investigation, “close ties” with his country of origin, Colombia.

“In addition -adds the car-, there is a possible uprooting of Daniela with the municipality of Broto, a small town that was her residence and in which the events took place, and this further evidence of the possible risk of flight.

Although the legal norm allows the prison to be extended up to a maximum of two years in these cases, The instructor agrees to prolong it “for the time necessary for a firm resolution to end the case, with the maximum limit indicated in the law.

The opening of the oral trial was adopted by the magistrate in the middle of last December and is currently awaiting appointment to hold a jury trial in the Court of Huesca.

In this order, the magistrate highlighted that from the different tests carried out, it appears that around 6:00 p.m. on February 14, 2020, the accused stabbed her ex-boyfriend at his home, “Without having defense capacity and immediately causing his death.”

It also required the defendant to pay a deposit of 184,396 euros to cover the payment of compensation requested by the accusations for the parents and the two brothers of the victim in the event of a potential conviction for these facts.

The public and private accusations are based on the investigations carried out by the judicial police of the Civil Guard to determine that the trigger for the aggression was the “fit of fury” that the 28-year-old victim’s decision provoked in the alleged murderer. at the time of the events, to end their relationship.

The prosecutor requests a 20-year sentence for the defendant for these events, while the private prosecution, held by the lawyer from Huesca Marco Francoyraises the request to 25 years in prison, understanding that there is an aggravating circumstance of kinship, given the de facto relationship that the accused and the victim had maintained.

In turn, the defense attorney, Matthew Ayala, qualifies the facts as a crime of injuries in competition with a reckless homicide in its two variants, serious or less serious, and alternatively as intentional homicide.

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