The powerful Granollers does not give Bada Huesca options

Fifteen minutes Bada Huesca has stood up to an expeditious Granollers, who has won the Palacio de los Deportes (26-34) in the postponed match that should have been played last month and that leaves the people from Huesca where they were, in full escape from the dangerous zone of the Asobal League. He was not the best rival to give continuity to the winning streak and this has been revealed from the halfway point of the first half, when the options of the rojillos have been fading little by little and one of the few teams that can look at Barcelona from not so far away has imposed its strength and high pace.

Bada started with great efficiency in the outside shot with goals from Nieto and Joao Pinto plus Benites from six meters (4-2). The people from Huesca were into everything and Granollers did not see Arguillas’ step towards the goal in an exchange of goals against which the Catalans have been growing (5-5). Hackbarth from seven meters overtook the locals again but any attempt to open a gap was already costing. The goal has begun to narrow and Granollers has gone ahead for the first time (6-7).

In inferiority due to the exclusion of Pinto and without a goalkeeper in attack, the visitors have gained an advantage of three goals (7-10). Later extended to four, Nolasco had to ask for time out to stop the negative inertia. Benites was right, but not Hackbarth in a seven meter shot that the visiting goalkeeper deflected to the post (8-11). Another mistake made by the Brazilian in this facet was taken advantage of in the rebound by Nieto, but Granollers managed to keep the difference from narrowing (9-13). In two minutes of superiority, Bada managed to partially stop their rival with two consecutive goals from Iván Montoya (12-15).

A run of 0-3 has given the initiative back to the Catalans, who as the break approached underpinned their superiority. Miguel Malo has transformed a seven meters that has been almost an isolated joy. A goal from Benites in the last breath has drawn a clear 14-20 at the end of the first half. The 0-3 start after two losses of Bada in attack has caused an already worrying 14-23. Nieto, Hackbarth and Benites have calmed the waters with a 3-0 return for 17-23 and Benites has begun to stop heroically. Perhaps late and without real options, because in the blink of an eye Granollers has left again and Nolasco has stopped the clock with 17-26.

The Bada Huesca was stuck in an alley from which he has tried to get out with rasmia. Flashes from Marcelo or Ian Moya unsuccessfully trying to catch up with the second-placed Asobal. Without ever letting go but aware that a whirlwind passed through the Palacio de los Deportes.

Data sheet

Bada Huesca: Arguillas, Hackbarth (2), Perè Arnau (1), Rodrigo Benites (2), Joao Pinto (2), Asier Nieto (3) and Adrià Pérez (3) – starting seven-. Almeida (ps), Miguel Malo (3), Gucek (3), Alex Marcelo (4), Montoya (1), Ian Moya (1) and Fran Rubio also played.

Granollers: Rangel (p), Franco (1), Oriol Rey (3), Amigó, Antonio García (4), Aregay (2) and Adrià Martínez (2) -starting seven-. Pol Varela (ps), Edgar Pérez (3), Chema Marquez (6), P. Valera (8), Alejandro Márquez, Esteban Salinas (4), Armengol (1) and Sande also played.

Partials every five minutes: 3-2, 6-6, 8-11, 9-14, 12-16, 14-20 (rest), 17-13, 17-26, 20-28-21-30, 22-32 and 26-34 .

Referees: Squire Santiuste and Squire Santiuste.

Incidents: Postponed match corresponding to matchday 16 of the Asobal League. 400 spectators at the Palacio de los Deportes. A minute of silence was observed in memory of the father of Bada Huesca player Iván Montoya, who recently passed away.

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