‘The most beautiful villages in Spain’ are reinforced in Teruel with a new agreement

The Provincial Council of Teruel (DPT) has signed a collaboration agreement with the Most Beautiful Towns of Spain Association to cooperate and complement the actions in the Teruel municipalities that make up this networkin favor of a sustainable management of its resources, and promote tourism with different promotional actions.

The president of the DPT, Manuel Rando, participated in the meeting; the Deputy for Tourism of the DPT, Diego Piñeiro; the president of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain Association, Francisco Mestre; and the mayors and representatives of the seven Teruel municipalities belonging to the group.

The text of the agreement refers to the provision of economic aid for programs that allow channeling visitors and controlling the load capacity of the different spaces, printing and design of tourist brochures or the carrying out of promotional acts, such as assistance, stands, posters or other products that convey the image of the municipality and add the tourist logo of the province.

In addition, the agreement contemplates the integration of the brand image of ‘The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain’ in advertising brochures and outreach media and support for actions in favor of sustainable development and in search of economic resources for local development and settlement of the population.

The Most Beautiful Towns of Spain Association, for its part, is committed to disseminating the tourist image of the province, including in its publications the Teruel towns declared by the group, organizing promotional events and collaborate in the management of projects that favor the partner municipalities belonging to the province of Teruelin the search for sustainable tourism.

The annual agreement aims to improve the competitiveness of the sustainable destination, the definition and creation of new tourism products, the promotion of accessible destinations, redefine the parameters of tourism management, improve communication, local awareness and the balance between the local population and tourismas well as repopulation and demographic balance.

Ricardo Altabás, mayor of Cantavieja; Carlota Núñez, mayor of Calaceite, José Luis Almazán, councilor of Albarracín; Ángel Gracia, mayor of Rubielos de Mora; Manuel Zafon, Mayor of Puertomingalvo; Carlos Luis Boné, Mayor of Valderrobres; and María del Carmen Soler, mayor of Mirambel.

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