The judge acquits the rapper Morad of the attempted robbery of a flat in Barcelona

A Barcelona judge has acquitted the rapper from L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) Morad, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office asked for two and a half years in prison for trying to enter rob a house and threaten to kill to a neighbor who surprised him.

In its sentence, the criminal court number 11 of Barcelona concludes that nor there is enough evidence to prove the involvement of the rapper in the attempted robbery and acquits both Morad and another young man who was also tried for the same events, which occurred on February 12, 2018 in a house in the Catalan capital that some thieves tried to force with a screwdriver.

At trial, Morad, who only answered questions from his lawyer, argued that at the time he was starting to dedicate himself to music, to work in studies and to promote his professional career, so that he had “no need” to commit a robbery with force like the one charged by the public prosecutor’s office.

For the judge, not “sufficiently accredited” that the well-known rapper and the other accused, following a “preconceived plan, tried to open the access portal to the property with a screwdriver, with the “intent of obtaining an illicit economic benefit at the expense of another’s patrimony”.

Nor is it “sufficiently accredited”, maintains the magistrate in her sentence, that Morad and the other defendant threatened a neighbor with the “intent of intimidating and frightening” to this man.

In her sentence, the magistrate refutes one of the mainstays of the Mossos d’Esquadra investigation, which was based mainly on unas images captured by the security cameras of a subway station near the scene of the events, which investigators linked to the two defendants.

According to the judge, “There has not been enough evidence that proves that the images of the individuals from the subway cameras correspond” completely with the defendants nor with the times between the attempted criminal action committed in the building -around 10:30 a.m.- and the time recorded by the cameras (fifty minutes later)

The judge also finds that not even the eyewitness to the events -the neighbor who saw two thieves and photographed them with his mobile before calling 112- credited in his statement at the trial with the “rigor and certainty” required that the defendants tried to force the lock on the door, testifying that “it seems to him” that one of the two people “manipulates” the lock while another had his back turned.

“There is no sufficient proof of charge, because not even the eyewitness is sure that the defendants carried out such an action,” says the magistrate.

In addition, it emphasizes in its judgment that neither this witness nor the Mossos agents appreciated any damage in the lock of the portal nor did they find any screwdriver or other instrument to be able to force the portal of the property.

For all these reasons, the judge not objectively proven the attempted robbery that the prosecutor charged to the well-known rapper from L’Hospitalet and to another defendant.

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