The file of the Prosecutor’s Office opens the door to the return of Juan Carlos I to Spain

The decision of the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office to file the investigative proceedings that were open to King Juan Carlos opens the door to his return to Spain after will be installed in Abu Dhabi on August 3, 2020 as a result of the controversy over the money he handled abroad.

After a year and seven months sheltered in the emirate, Juan Carlos I sees the ground paved to step on Spain again, decision with which he had threatened on several occasions.

Among the options that have been considered in all this time, is that he maintain his tax residence in Abu Dhabi and that from there I travel periodically to Spain.

The father of Felipe VI always claimed before his environment that he had no open legal case and that, therefore, he was legitimated to return to Spain whenever he wanted.

However, on the occasions when he hinted that he was planning his return, even if it was temporary, he finally gave up when the right conditions were not met.

At Christmas 2020, he told his relatives his wish to spend the holidays in Spain, but he gave up, alleging the high risk due to the pandemic. and for being a high-risk person.

“Hoping everything gets better”concluded the message of the king emeritus.

In November of last year, when it was published that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office intended to file his case before 2022, he again transferred his intention to travel at Christmas, a hypothesis that it was reinforced when the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office shelved the investigations into the donation of 65 million euros that the king emeritus received from Saudi Arabia and that he managed in the Swiss country through figureheads.

Even the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, pointed out that he saw no problem in his return to Spain when defending his presumption of innocence and that no judicial charge weighed on him.

Nevertheless, the extension of the investigation by the Supreme Court prosecutors for another six months issued in mid-December again frustrated their plans.

Before the end of the year, he reappeared in public in Abu Dhabi to watch a match by tennis player Rafael Nadal, who tested positive for covid-19 a few days after eating with him, for which he had to remain isolated as a precaution, although he tested negative in the test.

It was one of his last images of King Juan Carlos, shortly before his 84th birthday, which he celebrated again in Abu Dhabi with some friends.

During your stay in the emirateit was even speculated about his poor state of health, what the Royal House denied, in the few pronouncements it has made about the king emeritus.

His appearance in Nadal’s match hinted that he is in good health and he looks thinner, although he maintains the mobility problems that he has had for several years and that forced to walk with a cane and do rehab.

Despite his departure from Spain, Juan Carlos I has continued to be a member of the Royal Family and there he has known the separation of his daughter Cristina from Iñaki Urdangarin.

He has retained his title of king for life, despite the claim of some of the partners of the Government for stripping him of this treatment.

The Government also justified the fact that it had three assistants in Abu Dhabi funded by National Heritage in which he was head of state for almost 40 years and in his “delicate state of health and advanced age”.

At this time, in October 2021, a book by the French journalist Laurence Debray was published with testimonies from Don Juan Carlos about his day-to-day life in Abu Dhabi and why he settled in the Arab country.

“Here I do not bother the crown”, alleged Don Juan Carlos, who at first weighed the idea of ​​settling in Portugal, but given his son’s reluctance due to the proximity to Spain, he was inclined to go to the Persian Gulf invited by the emirate authorities.

The emeritus king announced his departure in a letter to Felipe VI in which he expressed, with “deep feeling, but with great serenity”his “considered decision” to move outside of Spain.

Faced with the impact of “certain past events” in his private life, personified in the figure of his lover for several years, corinna larsenthe previous head of state put land in between to calm the controversy.

The fate of the emeritus king was officially known two weeks after leaving Spain on a private plane from Vigo (Pontevedra).

It was the Royal House that gave the information after being published in a medium a photo of Don Juan Carlos getting off the plane.

During his stay in Abu Dhabi, where his daughters have visited him several timesthe infantas Elena and Cristina, King Juan Carlos has carried out two fiscal regularizations without prior request from the Treasury in order to avoid the accusation of fiscal crime, from which he would not have been protected byr the inviolability he had as head of state.

On December 9, 2020, he made the first voluntary declaration, which resulted in the payment of a debt of 678,393 euros for the donations received from the Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause between 2016 and 2018, and that he used for family expenses through opaque cards.

The second regularization took place on February 26, for an amount of 4.3 million euros, for private flights and personal expenses from which he benefited from the Zagatka foundation, managed by his cousin, Alvaro de Orleanss, behind the back of the treasury.

To pay off this second debt, the emeritus king resorted to loans from a dozen friends and businessmen.

In addition to his possible return, among the unknowns that remain to be solvedIt remains whether the king emeritus will make any statement after Pedro Sánchez has urged him on several occasions to give explanations before the “disturbing” information published about his funds abroad.

Other voices have joined this request to be accountable to the public, such as that of the former Chief Executive José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and United We Can, who demanded his appearance in Congress, if he did not do so before the Justice, to account for acts committed before and after his abdication.

The purple formation and parties such as ERC and EH Bildu have presented numerous requests to create an investigation commission parliamentary on the hidden business of the emeritus king, but PSOE, PP and Vox have prevented its processing at the Congress Table.

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