The DGA signs the Aragon Grand Prix in Motorland only for this year and leaves the 2023 one up in the air

The DGA will only renew the Aragon Grand Prix for this year, which takes place in the Alcañizano Motorland circuit, and leaves 2023 up in the air, when the rotation with the rest of the world circuits in Spain and Portugal will beginwhich have all already signed the next five-year contract (Montmeló, Cheste, Jerez and Portimão).

The regional Executive will sign a contract with Dorna for 2022 with a clause that includes that it will be the next government that emerges from the regional elections of May 2023 that ratifies the Moto GP World Championship year after year. However, Dorna always announces the calendar of the following year’s competition in October, so, If the clause is not signed, the Motorland circuit would not be scheduled on the 2023 calendar unless there is a different commitment to the one made to date.

Sources from the Aragonese government take it for granted that the planned rotation by Dorna will begin next year, in which there will only be three circuits with grand prizes out of the five on the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, there would be no World Championship in Motorland until 2024. The circuit could take advantage of this World Cup break to undertake the necessary resurfacing of the speed circuit track.

In the previous renewal, the Government of Aragon signed in 2016 with Dorna for five years until 2021. Then the next regional elections were in 2019, halfway through the contract, and the clause that was signed is that DGA could renounce the contract, without any economic penalty, in the event of a change of government. The economic situation was different. Then the canon, of about eight million euros per year, was financed with the FITE and now it is paid directly with the regional budget.

The next one-year renewal was ratified on Monday by the Motorland board of directors and must now be approved by the DGA Governing Council. From the Department of Industry they assure that this decision has been made to “not mortgage” the next regional executive and that it is the government that comes out of the next elections that decides if it wants to make use of the clause. They allege that since it is a decision that is made in the year prior to the elections and for a significant amount, it has been decided that the next government will decide. However, from Industry they insist that the department’s support is total and that Motorland is still understood as a strategic project. Keep in mind that the elections will be held in May and the composition of the government would take place during the summer.

The decision of the Government of Aragon contrasts with that of the other communities with World Cup circuits. Both Montmeló (Catalonia), Cheste (Valencian Community) and Jerez (Andalusia) as well as Portimão (Portugal); They have already signed their renewal for five years. For example, Jerez already confirmed its renewal in April and that in 2024 and 2026 it will not be on the calendar, although it does not give up being able to also organize those two lost races if there is an extension to the calendar.

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