The cyclist Fernando Barceló dreams of “raising his arms” this season

Huesca cyclist Fernando Barceló renews hopes with the colors of his new team, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA, and has started a season in which He wants to continue pedaling forward in the professional field and aspires to raise his arms and celebrate a victory in one of the rounds in which he can participate with the Navarrese club. The 26-year-old runner has participated this Wednesday in an act that has been developed in the Caja Rural de Huesca and supported by its territorial director, Alejandro Lanuza. The sensations of him in the first weeks of the year have been “pretty good”.

“I’m happy and there’s a long way to go, I hope to be higher in the competition but what counts is giving one hundred percent in each competition and that’s what I’m doing. We are a reflection of what society wants to see”, began Barceló, who assumes the change of team without trauma. “From the beginning the board has trusted me a lot and has given me complete peace of mind, that is transmitted on the road to eat the world. I am very happy, we have not yet achieved that long-awaited victory but competing like this will not be long in coming”, he hopes.

Caja Rural presents a “compensated” block and the way to face the race is with the mentality that “no one is better than you” and the goal of “raise your arms. If you don’t dream it, you won’t get it.” Waiting for the invitation to the Vuelta a España, the Huesca’s calendar has had a first stop with a first block of races from which he draws a positive balance. The following are major events, with the Volta a Catalunya, the Miguel Indurain GP and the Vuelta al País Vasco as first-class events: “They will be one of the most important weeks for the team and for me.”

While waiting for the invitations to the Vuelta a España to be known, it is about “giving everything on the road so that they choose us”. The preparation has been marked by the “tranquility” and “trust” that the new club has placed in the Aragonese, which leads him to compete “one hundred percent convinced of my possibilities”. Barceló’s transit through professional cycling now places him “with more physical and mental maturity. Important experience is accumulated to compete and in these coming years the best of me as an athlete should come”. The ups and downs have strengthened him, with the tachycardia chapter “already behind”.

Waiting for the Spanish cyclist to return to the front row, Fernando Barceló progresses in situations such as the sprint “because you reach the finish line with more ambition and in better physical condition”. His start to the campaign has “nothing to do” with the past, which has filled Huesca with morale to try to make 2022 the season of his life.

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