The castle of Torrijo de la Cañada and the church of Morrano, on the Red List

The Red List of Spanish Heritage has included two more Aragonese monuments in recent days, the church of the Huesca town of Morrano and the castle of Torralba de Ribotain Zaragoza.

The parish church of San Pedro Apóstol de Morrano It has been closed to worship since 2016, when it made national news because part of the central vault fell on its interior. According to Hispania Nostra, “currently there are four separate problems: the tower, the interior vaults, the access stairs to the roof and the old barn attached to the temple”.

The tower, especially its last third, Mudejar, has leaks and cracks that endanger its survival. The choir has been targeted since 1993, causing the ground to crack and threaten to sink. Hispania Nostra also points out that the building annexed to the temple, that of Tithes and First Fruits, is completely in ruins. The church, with a rectangular floor plan, began to be built in the 11th century and still has many Romanesque elements.

As for the castle of Torrijo de la Cañada, Hispania Nostra points out that “It is currently in a state of progressive ruin. In particular, the remains of a masonry tower are preserved in a very deteriorated way. Construction began in 1357, on the occasion of the War of the Two Pedros, and for years it has been in a very delicate situation.

Only Andalusia and the two Castillas have more monuments than Aragon on the Red List of Heritage, which is carried out by the Hispania Nostra association. Currently, Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel add 113 monuments in danger, although 20 of them already appear on the so-called Green List, to which they go when restoration works have begun but they are not considered definitively saved. More than half of the total, 58, are in the province of Zaragoza (9, actually, on the Green List), 43 in Huesca (another 9) and 12 in Teruel (2).

Last January, the baritel from the La Bilbilitana mine, in Alpartir, entered the Red List.

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