Stellantis will not reactivate the night shift at 100% and the hiring of 600 workers is suspended

The management of the Opel Spain plant in Figueruelas, of the Stellantis group, has finally decided not to resume production on line 1 of the night shift in March, as he had weighed, after verifying that he continues to have problems in the supply of parts, fundamentally semiconductors. Company sources have confirmed the decision, which will mean the suspension of the hiring of 400 production workers selected by the human resources firm Adecco, responsible for a process that had already allowed the incorporation of some 200 people to the factory.

“Production on the night shift on line 1 will not be implemented in March,” company sources confirmed on Wednesday after specifying that the announcement that the possibility of reassembling the Opel Crossland and the Citroën would be studied C3 Aircross in that third shift was due to the company’s interest in responding to market demand, but nothing had been confirmed. The semiconductor supply problems, which began last year, have not been resolved and they are forcing the plant to stop intermittently due to lack of parts, a setback that affects the two lines, including line 2, in which the Opel Corsa is assembled.

The stated objective was for production to recover 100% on the night shift by mid-March. By not carrying out this measureline 2 of that shift will be made more flexibleso that the multi-skilled workers of the same can cover other positions if so required as a result of the forced stoppages in manufacturing.

The recovery of the night shift to 100% had been well received by the unions, who want the plant’s productive capacity to be used to the maximum. In any case, the 600 contracts included in the process are temporaryalthough the continuity will depend on the evolution of the market and the possibilities of responding to it.

From Adecco it was explained weeks ago that the process of selecting operators for the Stellantis plant had generated a lot of interest. The volume of applications had been very high and the processes were well advanced. The human resources firm set up, in addition to its Zaragoza office, one in Pedrola to streamline interviews with potential candidates.

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