Spain exceeds 100,000 deaths from covid since the start of the pandemic

Spain has exceeded 100,000 deaths (100,037) certified since the beginning of the pandemic, after registering 154 new deaths in the last dayin which the cumulative incidence indicator has dropped from “very high” to “high” risk (486 cases) with a notable drop in new infections detected (18,803).

Data from the Ministry of Health suggest that the curve continues to decline, already below the threshold of 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 dayswhile the communities continue to report the number of deaths left by the sixth wave, 13,120 since it began in mid-October.

Regarding the data on deaths, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has lamented the records of recent days and has pointed out that, despite the fall of the sixth wave, the number of deaths reported by the communities continues to be high.

Health data indicates that more than 1,100 deaths have been recorded in the last week.

The sixth wave loses strength in all indicators of transmission, which have fallen sharply since mid-January: by more than 80% in the last six weeks and by 30% in the last one.

At the same time, hospital occupancy indicators fall progressively, which are already at “low risk” with the national average occupancy rate in intensive care units at 9.8% and in plant at 4.9%.

Hospital admissions quantified this Wednesday amounted to 6,188 (6,478 yesterday), 902 still serious in the ICU, while they have occurred on the last day 778 admissions compared to 548 discharges.

Only two territories have their ucis at high risk due to covid occupation, although with indicators up to 50% lower than at the saturation peaks during the sixth wave: Catalonia (18.6%), Aragon (17.5%) and Ceuta (17%).

The Basque Country (14.1%), the Community of Madrid (13.5%) and the Canary Islands (12.2%) are the next on the list with the highest rate of patients.

The territories with the fewest ICU admissions, in line with the statistics recorded throughout the sixth wave, are Andalusia (5.2%), Extremadura (3.3%) and Galicia (2.8%).

According to the update of the report on variants of the Ministry of Health, ómicron is present in 98% of the cases detected and its variant BA.2, which generated expectations due to the indications of its greater transmissibility, has a prevalence in 10 territories of Spain that ranges between 0.8% and 35%according to the sequenced samples.

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