Soldiers from the Brilog de Aragón will attend NATO maneuvers on the Norwegian border with Russia

The military of the Logistics Brigade (Brilog) from Aragon will finally participate this March in the NATO ‘Brilliant Jump’ maneuvers in Norway, near the russia border, in compliance with the objective of reinforcing its deployment in the member countries that border the Russian Federation. he

Military sources have specified this Wednesday to HERALDO that this will be the destination of the 45 members of the Aragonese logistics unit, that it will go to the only Scandinavian country that is a member of the Atlantic Alliance, since Sweden and Finland do not belong to NATO, and Russia has threatened them in recent days with retaliation if they decide to join the Atlantic force.

Other colleagues from the same Logistics Brigade from another province will be integrated into the Allied troops in Latvia.

The members of the Brilog de Aragón will join the military of the Leon Infantry Battaliontanks and integrated into the Alcázar de Toledo Regimentwho made some training in Covaleda (Soria) at the end of January under snow and eight below zero to acclimatize with what can be found in Norway.

In this country already carried out these exercises in 2018 with 50,000 soldiers, the largest maneuvers in NATO since the end of the Cold War, and this demonstration upset neighboring Russia. In this situation of the war in Ukraine, when several countries such as Spain, Germany, France and Portugal have decided to provide weapons to the Ukrainians, this edition of ‘Brilliant Jump’ aims to persuade the Putin government in its war escalation.

Russia borders Norway. to the north of the Scandinavian peninsula, where the armored infantry forces of the Spanish Army are going to be deployed and the Russian troops have already carried out movements with military units. They are in the Murmansk Oblast, the northwestern region of Russia that borders Finland and Norway.

An image of the NATO maneuvers

An image of the NATO maneuvers
Javier Onion

The NATO exercises are among the largest held the Atlantic Alliance to maintain the availability of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) and will train missions of deterrence and defense. They represent the start-up of the multinational brigade that will make up the Response Force that began in 2014 as the reaction of the allies to the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.

This force is made up of Franco-German Brigadewith armored regiments, infantry battalions and an artillery regimen, to which are added units from Spain, Portugal and Poland.

Those who go to Latvia

At the moment, the NATO Military Committee meeting last Monday as a matter of urgency decided reinforce deployment in allied countries bordering Russia due to Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. Although the decision has not included, for the time being, the activation of the Very High Availability Joint Force, it remains a reserve force against a possible attack by the Russians in the allied countries.

In this sense, the Ministry of Defense is going to reinforce the Spanish troops in Latviain the NATO Battle Group stationed in the Baltic, with 150 soldiers, of which a third of them will come from the Logistics Brigadetogether with a hundred that will be contributed from a unit of field artillery and another of Engineers (Sappers and Supports).

These contributions expand the 350 soldiers from the Guzmán el Bueno X Brigade, from Córdoba, stationed in the area since January and under the control of the Operations Command. Defense wants to keep secret, for the moment, the units from which they come and their departure date for Latvia for security reasons.

The objective of this action in Latvia supposes that the reinforced brigades can resist a possible attack that the Russian troops could carry out until the troops of the Very High Availability Joint Force arrive.

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