Seven workers of a Cuarte de Huerva company arrested for stealing material and reselling it

Seven people have been arrested by the Civil Guard accused of stealing from a company in the Zaragoza town of Cuarte de Huerva where they work and reselling the material.

The Casablanca Civil Guard carried out the investigation since mid-January that led to the arrests for alleged crimes of theft, forgery of commercial documents and belonging to a criminal group.

According to sources from the aforementioned body, those arrested, all of them workers of the same company, they took advantage of their work situation to acquire a greater quantity of construction material than was necessary to carry out their work. Thus, the surplus was later sold to a recycling center, an operation that brought them an economic benefit. This illicit activity was carried out continuously during the last three years.

The investigation began after the complaint filed by the manager of a company dedicated to the installation of gas and heating elements, located in Cuarte de Huerva, in which he reported that several of his workers had made purchases of material in his name for a quantity much higher than would be necessary in the

work to be done and whose surplus, later they would sell to a waste recycling company located in the same town.

Given these facts, the agents verified a multitude of invoices for purchases of copper pipes, whose amount was indeed much higher than that used in the facilities. They also collated the documents of the works carried out and compared the quantities of the materials used in them. The purchases would have been made in the name of the manager despite the fact that he was unaware of the quantities that had been purchased. In addition, the sales that the workers made to the recycling company were verified and they verified that the kilos of copper tube delivered far exceeded the normal amount that is usually left over after carrying out a work.

After the investigation, the Civil Guard managed to determine that 9 workers of the complainant company would have carried out this illegal activity during the last three years (2019, 2020 and 2021), selling the surplus material on many occasions, and not always the same person. For this reason, they obtained economic benefits that would not exceed 3,000 euros in each of the operations so as not to raise suspicions in the face of the Treasury, nor always by the same employee.

In addition to the seven detainees, Two other workers from the affected company, also implicated in the same crimes, have not yet been arrested because one of them is currently serving a sentence in a prison in Portugal and the other resides in the United Kingdom.

Also, yese has investigated the person in charge of purchasing the material in the recycling company de Cuarte as the alleged perpetrator of a reception crime.

The Merchandise stolen in the last three years would have a market value of more than 400,000 euros.

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