Monzón asks Renfe to activate the passenger stop in Selgua, eliminated in 2013

The Monzón City Council has unanimously approved the proposal presented to the plan by the Cambio group and will request Renfe and Adif to reopen the passenger train stop at the Selgua station (Montison district) removed in 2013. This terminal is located at kilometer point 122.8 of the Iberian gauge railway linking Madrid with Barcelonaat an altitude of 288.8 meters and between the stations of Sariñena and Monzón-Río Cinca.

the station was opened to traffic on September 18, 1861with the commissioning of the Zaragoza-Lérida section of the railway that was intended to connect the Aragonese capital with Barcelona.

The works were carried out by the Railway Company from Barcelona to Zaragoza. Seeking to improve both the connection of the line with other routes, as well as its financial profitability, the company decided in 1864 to merge with the company that managed the route that linked Zaragoza with Pamplona, ​​giving rise to the Railway Company from Zaragoza to Pamplona and Barcelona.

This merger was maintained until in 1878 the powerful Norte, which sought to extend its activities to the east of the peninsula, managed to take over the company. On June 28, 1880, the branch to Barbastro from the station, 19.1 km long, was inaugurated. Norte maintained the management of the station until the nationalization of the railway in Spain in 1941. and all the existing companies became part of the newly created Renfe.

In 1970 passenger traffic to Barbastro ceased completely, leaving only the use of the Zaragoza-Lérida main line. Merchant traffic persisted on the branch for a few more years, until it was finally closed on December 31, 1984 as part of the 1984 Program Contract in which Renfe ceased operation.

Since December 31, 2004, Renfe Operadora operates the line while Adif is the owner of the railway facilities. Since 2013, the station has not had medium-distance services, although it retains its logistics functions.

Change Monsoon considers “necessary respond to the mobility needs of Selgua residents and surroundings to be able to connect with Monzón and the rest of its Autonomous Community”. “The Selgua Station is at a point that makes link between the regions of Monegros, Somontano and Cinca Medio, without forgetting the industrial-commercial value for being next to the Armentera estate”, they add from the municipal group.

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