Mediaset fires Paz Padilla for his anger with Belén Esteban and his abandonment of the set of ‘Sálvame’

Mediaset has fired Paz Padilla. The communication group led by Paolo Vasile harshly accuses the comedian of failing to fulfill “her obligation as a presenter” by leaving the set of ‘Save me’ after a harsh row with Belén Esteban about coronavirus vaccines, which took place last January 20. Sources consulted by this newspaper assure that “Mediaset España decided to terminate the current contract with Paz Padilla” by leaving the pink magazine live “an hour and a half before its end” and thus resigning her duties as moderator of the format.

The discussion in question is related to the direct on Instagram that the presenter starred in, a few days before New Year’s Eve, together with María del Monte and Anne Igartiburu who, like her on Telecinco, were going to present the chimes on Canal Sur and La 1, respectively . It had just been known that Ana Obregón was finally not going to be able to say goodbye to the year with Igartiburu because she had tested positive for covid and Padilla recognized that she had just passed the disease. It was then that he began his surreal speech about vaccines and variants of the coronavirus that left the other two presenters ojipláticas.

Vaccines are useless, it is a protein that the spider puts in you [sic]where the virus enters but the vaccine is that of the luján bug [sic]and now we have the bug that has mutated and we have the orytron [sic]and the bug does not enter through the door but through the window and they put the spider in you, which is the one on the door but it does not work for the window, and no matter how many vaccines they give you, two or three, you get infected”. Del Monte e Igartiburu tried to stop such nonsense, without success.

That video went viral and it was clear that ‘Sálvame’ was not going to miss the opportunity to make a profit from it. It was on January 20 when the gossip space confronted the presenter from Cádiz with Belén Esteban, in a set on the set away from the rest of her colleagues. “We were talking about Ana Obregón and that she could not give the Chimes. I explained that I did not understand that being vaccinated would get you infected. He said that even if you had the vaccines it was useless in the sense that you were infected with the new virus“, the also actress tried to defend herself, who said she was neither denier nor anti-vaccine. “Obviously vaccines save lives, there are numbers and I can’t deny it,” said who assured that she had tried to contact Esteban to explain herself but that she hadn’t been on the phone.

After hearing his words, Belén was blunt. “I don’t believe what you’re saying and since I don’t want to have a war, I’d rather sit down and do my job. You screwed up all the way and don’t know how to change,” he told her. “I think that Paz does not believe in the vaccine,” she settled. Paz, affected, ended up abruptly leaving the set, while Kiko Hernández took the reins of the space. Other colleagues, such as Kiko Matamoros, even made fun of his words about the virus. Since then, he has not participated in any Mediaset format again despite the fact that his long-term contract was still in force and was renewed for the last time in July 2021.

Roces in ‘Save me’

The presenter, who received the news of the dismissal while enjoying the carnival in Cádiz, turned her professional career around by joining ‘Sálvame’ in 2009 as a substitute for Jorge Javier Vázquez and starting a working relationship with Telecinco and Cuatro that has extended for thirteen years. In recent months, her presence in the evening magazine had been reduced at the same time that the prominence of other presenters of the space increased.

In recent times, Padilla’s comments on gender violence and the mistreatment of Rocío Flores towards her mother Rocío Carrasco – “Love can do everything,” the presenter said, encouraging a reconciliation between the two-they caused stupor among the members of the “Save me” team. Days later, she had to qualify these words. In addition, the Cádiz-born woman was in favor of pseudosciences such as biodecoding and received criticism from other Mediaset presenters, such as Risto Mejide.

Despite the controversies, the group continued to trust Padilla with new projects that, yes, did not obtain the support of the audience. The last one was the presentation, together with Carlos Sobera, of the retransmission of Las Campanadas from Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz), which had a 7.7% share and 1.4 million viewers, far from the figures that Antena 3 and TVE scored. Last year, he also hosted the ‘A Simple Vista’ contest on Cuatro, which was withdrawn due to its low audience share (less than 3%).

In the last decade, Paz Padilla participated in the presentation of other formats, such as the Christmas galas directed by José Luis Moreno for Telecinco, his role as Chusa in ‘La que se avecina’ or in ‘Got Talent’, a space in which she was part of the jury and from which she was relieved for not being “one hundred percent”, as she herself confessed to Bertín Osborne in an interview. She then focused on the care of her husband, Antonio Juan Vidal, who died after failing to overcome a brain tumor. Now, after being removed from the small screen, the comedian is still embarked on her theatrical tour, ‘El humor de mi vida’, which lands in Barcelona in March. This is, at the moment, the only known professional project of hers.

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