Massive Russian bombing in the face of Ukrainian resistance

After progressing through the coastal strip of the Sea of ​​Azov, The Russian Army took this Wednesday the city of Khersonwhose province in its southern part had already been under the control of its military operation for days, as announced in the morning by the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov. However, the mayor Igor Kolikhayev, He stated that the hull is still under Ukrainian control. If the information of KonashenkovRussia would have taken an important step in his determination to now occupy the Black Sea coast in the direction of Odessa and then west to the Moldovan separatist enclave of Transnistria.

Military attacks in Ukraine this March 2

Military attacks in Ukraine this March 2

In addition, “Moscow airborne troops landed in Kharkov”the second largest city in Ukraine, as Kiev admitted in a statement released on Telegram. However, the defenders kept fighting while Russian soldiers “attacked a hospital”. Since Tuesday, the city of Kharkov has been subjected to bombardments that have caused deaths among civilians and serious damage to buildings and infrastructure. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called what happened in the country’s second largest city of “war crimes”. Anton Gerashenko, one of the spokesmen for his Ministry of the Interior, stated that a cruise missile hit the city hall. Other buildings were also hit by the bombs, including a police station, a teaching center attached to the university and several houses. After the dozen deaths two days ago, this Wednesday they were counted four more victims and a dozen injured among the civilian population.

The situation in Kiev is calmer. After the missile attacks on Tuesday, its inhabitants suffered new bombardments in areas of the periphery, in a clear indication that the Russian Army tries to break through the defenses to penetrate the city. In the Ukrainian capital works the bombing alert systemwhich has allowed the population to find safety in the subway, in

On Tuesday, following a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry urging the population of Kiev to leave their homes, The television tower was attacked, causing at least five deaths and several injuries. The northern part of the metropolis continues to be threatened by the presence of an imposing display of Moscow troops arriving in a huge convoy of tanks, armored vehicles and other military vehicles.

“Clearer and Closer”

Mayor, Vitali Klichkowarned that “Russian troops are concentrated closer and closer”. He called on the population to keep morale high and not trust “The many lies spread by the enemy. Trust only official communications“. “We are preparing and we will defend Kiev, which is still standing and will remain so,” Klichkó said. In the latest Russian bombing, on Wednesday night the Ukrainian forces managed to destroy a missile but its remains fell on the southern station and caused apparently minor damage. Another projectile, however, did hit against the main gas supply pipe to the city, although the authorities hope to have it repaired this Thursday.

Near the partially destroyed television tower stretches the Babi Yar memorial, the mass grave where the 33,000 Jews shot in 1941 under Nazi occupation were buried. That is why the attack has outraged the Ukrainian Jewish community, whose chief rabbi, Moshe Asmansaid “I can’t believe what I see”.

For the first time, cruise missile fire they also attacked the town of Yitomir, in the western part of the country. Local authorities reported four deaths and serious damage to infrastructure. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stressed that “In the absence of progress, the enemy continues to fire missiles and bomb infrastructure to intimidate civilians.”

The military note indicates that “the occupants are suffering severe losses” and point out the figure of 5,840 dead Russian soldiers in these seven days of offensive. Moscow, however, admits only about 500. The Ukrainian Army also claims to have destroyed 211 tanks, 30 planes, 31 helicopters, 862 armored vehicles, 85 artillery launchers, two ships and three drones.

delivery of prisoners

Two Kremlin fighters, precisely of the Su-35C type, were shot down this Wednesday in Kiev, according to the local General Staff. The Ministry of Defense, for its part, announced that the “numerous” prisoners held by local forces will be handed over directly to their mothers, if they bother to go to Ukraine for them. He indicated that “unlike Putin’s fascists, we are not waging war against mothers and their captured children.”

In the information field, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office ordered on Tuesday, due to “inadequate” coverage of the war, to suspend the broadcasts of the Echo of Moscow radio and the Dozhd television channel, both are among the few opposition media still active in Russia.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, did not want to pronounce on the matter, pointing out that it is a matter that concerns justice. “We cannot and will not comment on this. Of course, the president is aware of the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office, which exercises its powers and carries out its work“. He also reported that the Russian delegation for peace negotiations is already in the Belarusian town of Belovezhskaya Pusha, near the border with Poland. This Thursday the Ukrainian counterpart will arrive there to hold a second round of talks. The first took place on Monday in the south of the region of Gomelalthough without any result.

Meanwhile, forces continue to be concentrated on the border that could be not only Russian but also those under the orders of the dictator. Alexander Lukashenko, who on Tuesday hinted that he is considering intervening in the war as well. “Belarussian air defense systems are on standby to prevent Russian forces from being able to get stabbed in the back”said the Minsk president without explaining what kind of alleged attack or “stab” he is referring to.

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