Lunar calendar for March 2022, lunar phases and the curious name of the full moon

With the arrival of the month of March there is a new full moon and a new story behind its popular name. The only terrestrial satellite is this Wednesday, May 2, between the Sun and our planet, so it does not reflect the light of the star and is not visible from Earth. It is one of the phases of the moon this month, which will have its full moon approximately two weeks after its monthly disappearance to the eyes.

Moon phases in March 2022

Thursday the 10th will arrive first quarterand on Friday the 25th last quarter on the way to another new moon in the first days of April. Regarding the distance between the Earth and its moon this month, the apogee or greatest separation is expected on March 10 (404,268 kilometers), while the perigee or closest approach (369,764 kilometers) will be in the minutes before the end of the day. 2. 3.

It also highlights the observation of certain planets, with special mention for Mercury on Sunday March 6 and Neptune on the 13th.

When is the full moon of Worm

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the North American natives residing two and three centuries ago in the area that is currently located in the northeast of the United States gave proper names to each full moon, and those names always had a reason to be related to hunting or gathering activities, or meteorological phenomena associates. These names have survived to this day and are mainly due to the Algonquian tribes scattered throughout the territory that today goes from New England to Lake Superior.

March’s full moon is called the Worm’s Moon, and it has to do with the progressive change in temperatures since the harsh winter. TO As the sun warmed the soil more, the earthworms became more active and their droppings became more present. That was a sign of the change of season and, therefore, of the hunting criteria. In this month of March, it is expected to appreciate it in its fullness on the afternoon-night of Friday, March 18.

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