Lack of supplies and low morale hinder the advance of Russian troops

It is a fact that the initial impetuous advance of the Russian troops in Ukraine slowed down this Wednesday. The bombing continues, but satellite images confirmed that the 64-kilometre supply convoy moving toward Kiev on Tuesday was almost at a standstill. Some analysts suggest that Vladimir Putin is allegedly holding back troop movements to give civilians time to flee the cities, despite his previous bombings that have killed some of them. But others, such as the US Department of Defense, believe it is actually due to supply problems and low morale in the Russian ranks.

A Pentagon informer tells the newspaper ‘The New York Times’ that there is evidence of “lack of food in the Russian ranks”. This is confirmed by a video, the veracity of which has been verified, in which you could see how Ukrainian militiamen find expired food rations in 2015 in a tank taken from the invading forces.

The Americans also point to fuel shortages as an explanation for the number of abandoned combat vehicles. The morale of the troops sent by the Kremlin – in many cases young people just over 18 years old – would be so low that in some of them they choose to “sabotage their own vehicles so as not to advance”reveal the same sources.

The British intelligence agency ShadowBreak has footage of Russian soldiers laying down their weapons and retreating. “They’re completely messed up. They have no idea where they’re going or how to talk to each other.”, count from this signature. This information links to the fact that the first prisoners taken by the Ukrainians carried ‘walkie talkies’, analogical and easy to intercept.

“we are depressed”

Likewise, the bombardments are not being as precise as expected. Many analysts believe it may be because Russian fighters have used Soviet-era ammunition that forces pilots to fly very low, making them easy targets for the enemy. That would explain the relatively high number of aircraft shot down by the Ukrainians.

The truth is that not even in the circle closest to Putin are they clear that the invasion is on the right track. This Wednesday Andrey Kortunov, senior adviser to the Kremlin, speaking to the Sky News network, described the invasion as “shameful”. “A lot of us are depressed,” she admitted.

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