Jaca and Sabiñánigo initially approve the regularization of photovoltaic parks, although with differences

The municipalities of Jaca and Sabiñánigo have held extraordinary plenary sessions this Wednesday to which the initial approval of the modification of the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) has been taken to regulate the installation of photovoltaic parks in these municipalities. In both cases, the proposal presented by the government teams (PSOE) has gone ahead, although in the end it has not been the same in both consistories, since in Sabiñánigo the limits regarding the area that this type can occupy have not been included. of facilities and the distance that must be to developable land. This has been the main issue that the Serrables opposition groups have criticized. In both cases, a period of public exposure is now opened in which allegations can be presented and based on these, the proposal can be improved, which must be definitively approved.

In the case of the municipality of Sabiñánigo, the modification of the PGOU concerns generic undeveloped land, as explained by the spokesman for the government team (PSOE) Jesús Lacasta, which must be subject to “the general or social interest, which must decide the full”. According to the elimination of the 5 HA that initially appeared in the proposal as the maximum size of the facilities and the distance that should exist between them and urban land, Lacasta has explained that according to the reports “there are no technical arguments that support being able to carry out this type of limitation”. He has also pointed out that this is the “best proposal we have now”, with which self-consumption benefits and that later and with the allegations “we will try to improve it”. Likewise, the precautionary suspension of the granting of licenses for this type of activity is extended for one more year or until the modification of the PGOU is definitively approved.

Opposition parties have criticized the way the Sabiñánigo government team (PSOE) has addressed this issue. Javier Sadornil, from Cambio Sabiñánigo, has pointed out that this process to regulate the installation of this type of facility “is not done with due transparency” and He was surprised to learn that the study for the modification of the PGOU was entrusted to an external company. It has also considered that the initial limitations should be maintained.

Raquel Betanzos, spokesperson for the PAR, stressed that “It is not said when an installation may be of general interest and that scares” and that some companies with this proposal “can design their projects in another way to fit in.”

Susana Gracia, from the PP, has assured that this modification has been made with transparency, foresight and will and that in Jaca “they have been clear from the first moment how to work and reach the maximum consensus”.

For his part, José Luis Zabala, from Ciudadanos, has stated that the government team “has done things well in some aspects”, but has acknowledged having doubts. “I suspect that the government team uses its power indiscriminately and without consulting”for which he has abstained.

Finally in Sabiñánigo, PSOE has voted in favor, PP and PAR against and Cambio Sabiñánigo has abstained.

And in the extraordinary plenary session of Jaca the votes have been similar, only that the Popular Party has supported the proposal presented by the government team (PSOE). In this case, and as explained by the socialist spokesperson, Olvido Moratinos, there are limitations. Up to 700 meters from the population centers there may be self-consumption or shared self-consumption, and from 700 to 1,000 only solar panels in optimal spaces, that is, that do not have an impact on the landscape. These parks may be up to 5 HA and will require general interest and environmental study.

From 1,000 meters, parks of up to 5 HA with an environmental study can be installed on optimal land and with more than this area, they will need general interest. And in compatible soil, the general interest will always be necessary. There are also limitations with highways and train tracks, up to 100 meters there can be no solar panels and from 100 to 500 meters, with an environmental study.

Moratinos has also highlighted that this process has been carried out in coordination with the Sabiñánigo city council, “because we are two united municipalities and it did not make sense for the modifications to be contradictory.” Yes, he has recognized that the opinion that has been taken to the plenary “is not the same, but the general contributions have been made in coordination.”

In the plenary session of Jaca they have voted in favor of the modification of the PGOU, PSOE, CHA, More Jaca-Podemos-Equo, and PP. Against PAR and Vox and Ciudadanos has abstained

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