Income Simulator: how to know if it will pay you this year

The Income campaign in this 2022 is already just around the corner. Next April 6, just a few days before Easter, is the scheduled date for the start of a process through which a good part of the Spanish population will spend until June 30. Rendering accounts with the Treasury will have for many an element added for the second consecutive year; ERTEs and their consequence of having two payers (the State and the employer on duty) will affect many returns decisively, to the point that the result is to be paid instead of returned.

There is a tool that allows you to anticipate possible surprises; Renta Web Open, a simulator offered by the Tax Agency’s website so that anyone can carry out the pertinent calculation and anticipate the corresponding rights or obligations when making the declaration. The Tax Agency clarifies that “Renta Web Open does not allow the presentation of the declaration, since it is a simulation without validation of identification data. Nor is it possible to transfer the data from Renta Web Open to the declaration in Renta Web. Access to this service is available on the Income portal and on the formalities page of form 100 in the Electronic Headquarters”.

Latest news on the income statement.

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