Godot, between prisoners and actors

The lives of those who have been sentenced to prison have been taken to the theater and the cinema in Spain, as far as I know, on at least two occasions. One, in Belén Macías’s film ‘El patio de mi jail’. Another, in the theater play ‘The notebook of Pitágoras’, recently premiered in Madrid. This prison universe, in which someone tries to offer prisoners an opportunity, is also the scene of the French film ‘The Triumph’, second feature film written and directed by Emmanuel Courcol.

Based on a true story, ‘The Triumph’ is part of the adventure of an actor in low hours who begins to work with a group of prisoners in a theatrical production. These, the prisoners, have nothing better to do; he, the teacher and actor, is not on a roll and needs to survive. But, one and the other get so involved that they end up putting together a ‘Waiting for Godot’ with a lot of message, more content and a lot of real life.

The great success of Emmanuel Corcol as director and co-writer is to bring this story to the screen with a amazing cast team and reconstruct Beckett’s work from the spirit of his ‘Waiting for Godot’, without distorting it, but giving it a new essence: the one imposed by some characters, all of them imprisoned, who reinterpret the text and that Godot who is not foreseen, in principle, become real.

‘The triumph’ ***

Director: Emmanuel Coucol.

Screenplay: Emmanuel Courcol and Thierry de Carbonnieres.

Interpreters: Kad Merad, Marina Hands, Laurent Stocker, Said Benchnafa.

Three worlds, three settings and three types of protagonists they come together in a film that speaks, on the one hand, of the difficult exercise to which he who lives from acting is subjected daily, on stage; on the other, those who face their life of confinement with which they enjoy when they feel free in a performance, but captive again when they return to prison; and, finally, it speaks of freedom with capital letters, the one that gives wings to live and the one that allows the rebirth of someone who thought he was finished.

A beautiful story, well told, well acted and always interesting.

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