Four national prizes for Illustration brighten a program of itinerant exhibitions of the Diputación de Huesca

classics like ‘Platero and I’, ‘Farm Animal’ and ‘White Fang’ reviewed under the look of ten illustrators of national and international projection can be admired this year in the streets, squares, shops, libraries and public spaces of 36 locations of all the Alto Aragonese counties within the second edition of The Illustrated Companya cultural program traveling exhibitions. Organized by the Provincial Council of Huesca, this time it has as its motto ‘book animal’ and will be completed with workshops and conferences.

This proposal is addressed to localities that have a municipal public librarywhich you can request, from this Tuesday and Until March 31stthe dates on which they wish to host the activities included in the new program that is expected to start at the end of April.

For this new edition, the DPH has counted on cfour illustrators and illustrators who can boast of having received the National award of this discipline: the Barcelona Arnal Ballester (1993 and 2008), the Zaragoza Elisa Arguile (2007), the Valencian Anne John (2010) and Huesca Javier Saez Castan (2016). Along with them, the Valencian has also been invited Aitana Carrascothe alcañizano Alberto GamonArgentina Ana Yaelthe Zaragozan Diego Ferminand the people of Barcelona Riki Blanco and Luci Gutierrez. Each of them has presented two works inspired by literary classics named after an animal, a universal theme, which will be exhibited in large format banners and posters. In addition, edited 20,000 postcards with the illustrations that will be distributed in the libraries.

Presentation of the second edition of La Compañía Ilustrada, with deputy Maribel de Pablo y Grassa-Toro, director of the cultural program.
Presentation of the second edition of La Compañía Ilustrada, with deputy Maribel de Pablo y Grassa-Toro, director of the cultural program.
Veronica Lacasa/DPH

The Deputy Delegate for Culture, Maribel de Pablohighlighted the “qualitative leap” that occurs in this second edition with the incorporation of renowned and prestigious authors and new activities. And he has valued that the program fulfills fundamental objectives for the DPH such as bringing cultural proposals to the entire Alto Aragonese territory, promoting institutional collaboration with town halls and municipal public libraries, value illustration “which is often relegated to a complement to literature”, and that Alto Aragonese participate “on a daily basis” in programming. And she has been convinced that “It will become one more stamp of cultural identity of this territory”.

The director of The Illustrated Company, Grassa-Torocalculate that some 100,000 people were able to see the traveling exhibitions of 2021. And for him, the program of activities in this second edition will manage to “expand its scope and reach more public”. He has insisted on the exquisite list of authors: “Ana Juan publishes all her work in Europe; Ana Yael in the United Kingdom; Diego Fermín has his own publishing house, a fanzine reference, in Toulouse; Arnal Ballester has had an international presence; Javier Sáez Castán is an idol in Latin America ; and Riki Blanco has an almost daily vignette in El País”.

In addition, a scheduled conference series entitled ‘Illustramos’ which will take place in the DPH assembly hall from April to November. There will be one talk per month by the authors Aitana Carrasco, Diego Fermín, Riki Blanco, Arnal Ballester and Javier Sáez. There will also be 20 creative workshops by Aragonese illustrators Elisa Arguile and Alberto Gamon that the municipal public libraries can already request.

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