Cs affirms in Huesca that family farming “does not need interventionism”

The spokesman for Cs Aragón, Daniel Pérez Calvo, has opted to improve the family farming law that will soon be processed in the Cortes, since the liberal formation considers that said activity “It does not need interventionism or protectionism.”

Pérez Calvo met this Wednesday in Huesca with representatives of CEOS-Cepyme and Asaja, Fernando Luna and Ángel Samper, respectively, and has promised to continue “actively listening to civil society and its social agents to maintain the Liberals’ policy as a useful tool in the Autonomous Community”.

In this sense, the spokesperson for the parliamentary group of Cs in the Cortes de Aragón has agreed with CEOS-Cepyme on what are “the pending issues” that the pandemic can turn into opportunities to be more competitive. “Citizens promoted the administrative simplification law that must now be appliedwe have a digital divide to close and bring broadband to the entire territory”, he pointed out.

It has also underlined the importance of promote a more attractive tax system for investors and to carry out “the revolution of professional training”. “This is the great pending reform, since it is necessary that we bet on qualified labor that many companies cannot find”, he pointed out.

The Cs spokesman has opted for “efficient” agriculture, since its professionals “are old enough and they do not need the state to give them permission even to put a plow on a tractor”. For this reason, he has asked the Government of Aragon “an exercise of responsibility” to improve this law.

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