Carlos Saura will receive the Biznaga of Honor at the Malaga Festival

Eleven Spanish and eight Ibero-American feature films will compete in the official section of the twenty-fifth Spanish Film Festival of Malaga, which will be held from March 18 to 27 and will honor the filmmaker Carlos Saura with a Biznaga of Honor. The 90-year-old man from Aragon is fully empowered: working on the montage of ‘Orígenes del arte, a film on Palaeolithic painting; and finishing the guion of a series on Federico García Lorca.

The director of the Festival, Juan Antonio Vigar, highlighted yesterday in the presentation of the festival that, after two years with the dates moved due to the pandemic, the contest returns to March, because “the films that will be released in spring find a better accommodation on the billboard”.

Some of the “signs of identity” of the Festival are also recovered, such as its red carpet, thanks to the improvement in the health situation, and because “face-to-face is still essential” for the event, according to Vigar. The official feature film section “maintains the model of each year”, because the Malaga Festival “is the common home of Spanish cinema” and therefore “all formats and perspectives have a place”.

Spanish films join the titles already announced in the official section ‘The test’by Dani of the Order; ‘Five wolves’by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa; ‘The top’by Ibón Cormenzana; ‘My emptiness and me’, by Adrian Silvestre; ‘We will not kill you with pistols (‘We will not kill each other with pistols)’, by María Ripoll, and ‘The volunteer, by Nely Reguera.

Iberoamerican films

The Ibero-Americans will also compete ‘The Giants, by Beatriz Sanchis’ (Mexico-USA); ‘To Mae’ (‘The mother), by Cristiano Burlán (Brazil); ‘The invisible, by Javier Andrade (Ecuador-France); ‘Utama’by Alejandro Loayza Grisi (Bolivia-Uruguay-France); ‘Private messages’by Matías Bizé (Chile); ‘Almost in Love’ (‘Love me), by Leonardo Brzezicki (Argentina); ‘White Cadejo, by Justin Lerner’ (Guatemala), and ‘Libre, by Natural Arpajou (Argentina).

The festival had already announced that ‘Código Emperador, by Jorge Coira, will be the opening film, while ‘Llenos degracia, by Roberto Bueso, will be presented at the closing ceremony out of competition. Also, ‘Canallas, by Daniel Guzmán; ‘The Turtle Maneuver, by Juan Miguel del Castillo; ‘The glass girls, by Jota Linares; ‘They arrived at night, by Imanol Uribe, and the presence out of competition of ‘Alcarràs, by Carla Simón, Golden Bear in Berlin.

In special out-of-competition screenings, ‘Without you I can’t,’ by Chus Gutiérrez; ‘Camera Café’, by Ernesto Sevilla; ‘The skin on fire’, by David Martín Porras; ‘Sinjar’, by Ana Bofarull; ‘Toscana’, by Pau Freixas, and ‘Heroes de barrio’, by Ángeles Reiné.

The Festival premieres a new section of non-Ibero-American international films awarded in other competitions and not released in Spain. These films are ‘A New World’, by Stephane Brizé (France); ‘I laugh here’, by Mario Martone (Italy); ‘Love letters don’t exist’, by Jérôme Bonnell (France); ‘Promises in Paris’, by Thomas Kruithof (France); ‘Beautiful Minds, by Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien’ (France), and ‘Operation Mincemeat’, by John Madden (United Kingdom).

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