Azcón asks for “responsibility” for the Cincomarzada due to the risk of crowds

The Local Security Board held this Wednesday in the Government Delegation in Aragon has finalized the control device of the Cincomarzada, which will take place in the Tío Jorge park in Zaragoza next Saturday. Although initially the organizers aimed at a fenced-in area with a capacity of 5,000 people, finally only access to hotel areas will be controlledwhich will have a capacity to 1,300 people and they will be the only spaces where you can drink and eat in the park. The rest of this green area on the left bank of the city will be freely accessible in an event that has brought together nearly 100,000 people in past editions. For this reason, the mayor of the city, Jorge Azcón, has asked the neighbors “responsibility” due to the risk of crowds.

Given the favorable evolution of the pandemic and the relaxation of restrictions, the Federation of Zaragoza Neighborhood Associations (FABZ) asked the DGA for permission to recover the traditional Cincomarzada. Health gave its approval to the proposal that, yes, required controlling the capacity, set at 5,000 people by virtue of a planned 2-hectare enclosure, and delimiting the places of food and drink consumption.

Specific, three bars were authorized (one managed by the FABZ and the others by the city’s two club associations) with their corresponding designated spaces for table consumption. These venues will fit up to 1,300 people, while the rest will be distributed in the concert and performance areas.

“No one can be prohibited from going to the park, but they will not be able to consume drinks or eat”

Therefore, the rest of the park, including cultural and leisure programming, will be freely accessible, without capacity control. The main challenge will therefore be avoid crowds, given the reduced dimensions of the bounded enclosure. The mayor of the city has recalled that “no one can be prohibited from going to the park, but they will not be able to consume drinks or eat”, according to the health regulations. For this reason, he has called for the “responsibility” of the people of Zaragoza, “as they have already shown throughout the pandemic.”

To try to coordinate the influx of public, the Security Board has established a special device, which reinforces the number of agents compared to a normal weekend. As detailed by the Delegation, the National Police will increase its presence, especially from 4:00 p.m. on Saturday until midnight, with agents from the Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR), the Response Operational Group (GOR) and the Attention to the citizenship.

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