An 8-year-old girl, raped and pregnant, will undergo a cesarean section in Panama

A 8-year-old indigenous girl raped and pregnant by “someone in your family environment”, it will be undergoing a caesarean section because her advanced degree of pregnancy prevents a therapeutic abortion, reported this Wednesday the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

This case, considered the earliest recorded pregnancy in Panama According to statements by health authorities, has shocked public opinion and revived the reports of the serious and growing problem of sexual violence in the country, especially towards girls.

“The caesarean section is scheduled as determined in the ‘birth plan’ by the Santo Tomas Hospital and Children’s Hospitalbeing also widely discussed with the authorities and team of technicians from the Ministry of Health,” the health portfolio said in a statement.

The Minsa specified that because the little girl’s pregnancy was detected when she was already “23/24 weeks”, local laws authorizing therapeutic abortion cannot be enforced.

“The Penal Code in its article 144 states that only interruption of pregnancy is allowed up to 8 weeks if this is the product of a sexual violation, and up to 22 weeks if the woman or the fetus are at risk of death”specified the official information.

The degree of pregnancy was determined by a team of gynecologists who performed an obstetric ultrasound on the little girl on December 23 at the request of the Family Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry (MP, Prosecutor’s Office), which requested “obstetric care” a day earlier in the framework of an investigation for “alleged rape”according to the official statement.

The Minsa assured that, after confirming the pregnancy, “The high-risk management protocol was immediately launched.since the pregnancy could not be interrupted due to the gestation period”, taking into account the “age of the patient”, that in addition receives “psycho-emotional and pediatric support”.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported on February 23, one day after the local network TVN denounced the case, that he has been detained since December 29. a man charged with aggravated rape.

On the same February 23, the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (Senniaf) assured that since last December 27 it has assisted the victim “Immediately proceeding to remove her from the family nucleus where the aggressor was.”

The Senniaf specified thatThe complaint of the case was presented before judicial instances “by a relative at 21 weeks of pregnancy” of the girl.

The psychologist specializing in the prevention of violence against women, Eusebia Solís, affirmed that This 8-year-old girl was probably subjected to sexual violence “for a long time”and that the pregnancy has allowed to discover the situation.

Solis regretted that is taking “a girl to give birth to another girl (or boy), generating a lifelong traumaadded to the sexual abuse that has surely occurred throughout his young age.

He also valued that this case is a consequence of the lack of certainty of punishment in Panama for rapists and abusers and the absence of comprehensive sexual education that allows, among other things, that

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