Alberto Núñez Feijóo decides to run for the Presidency of the PP

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, made official this Wednesday afternoon his candidacy to lead the PP because he feels “prepared” and because he considers that he can, “along with a united party”, achieve his goal, which is to manage to govern in Spain.

In a massive act at the Multiusos do Sar, in Santiago de Compostela, before the Board of Directors of the PPdeG and a total of more than 600 people, visibly moved, has said that Spain “is experiencing a limit situation”, and the Government has shown that it does not know how to deal with it, which is why he feels “in the institutional and moral obligation” to put himself at the service of his party and his country. “I don’t come here to insult Sánchez, I come here to beat Sánchez”, he stated to summarize his objective.

Feijóo has outlined his road map, if he becomes president of the PP after the extraordinary congress in April, to achieve a “united” party that is “solid, solvent and clear.” A PP that “says no when it has to say no and says yes when it’s time to say yes”, has remarked.

It is possible to win the bipartisan government -he has warned-, if the PP congress “is not going to beat each other” to achieve a “reinforced party”. So, although there are more candidates than his, he has urged everyone to get involved in order to win back the trust that the PP had. For its part, has promised to “re-unite” the partyfor which he has assured that he wants to count on “everyone”, with an express mention of the last three presidents, José María Aznar, Mariano Rajoy and Pablo Casado.

And he has related his ideology, through a particular creed. “I believe in a Spain in which more understandings are possible, I believe in politics in which there is party ideology, but there are also managers and management, I believe in a Spain with a public system that reaches all citizens.”

He has reaffirmed his belief in “a united Spain”, in which the autonomous communities “are not a threat, but an opportunity to enrich and strengthen” the nation, a message that seemed addressed directly to Vox. Against the party of Santiago Abascal also has made a difference by saying that the PP is the only one that has “a project for all of Spain”, and “it does not leave out any autonomous community, no province, no city, no village and, most importantly, it does not leave out any citizen”.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo announces his decision before the direction of the PP of Galicia
Alberto Núñez Feijóo announces his decision before the direction of the PP of Galicia
Lavender Jr.

About himself, he has highlighted his “honesty” and that he is not in politics to “disregard or accommodate”, but to govern, something that he has assured that he knows what it means against a government that he believes “does not know yet”. But he has also recounted his doubts about adopting this decision, because, apart from his personal situation, there is a policy in Spain “of revenge and trench”in which he does not believe, because he defends that the only confrontation should be that of ideas and proposals.

“I am not a manual politician, I do not believe in political laboratories”, he wanted to make clear, with which he has distanced himself from the strategies that have been followed so far in the PP, because he is not “one of a pair of tweets per day”, nor is he “commentator, but of facts”. Not like others, he is not “a newcomer”, but has “a life, a trajectory and an experience for good, for regular and for bad”, with his mistakes and his successes, he has added, and all this is what he offers to the party. A party to which, to end his speech, he said that Spain is waiting for them because the PP is prepared “to govern”.

With regard to the situation that his decision to present himself leaves in Galicia, he has verified what had already been advanced today, that for the moment he does not intend to resign as president of the Xunta. In fact, he has added that, whatever happens in Seville, at the party’s extraordinary congress in April, he will remain “a public servant”, and, for example, his first task after leaving this event today will be to prepare the weekly meeting of the Galician Government, which tomorrow will move from its usual place in Santiago de Compostela to Orense

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