A transsexual woman from Valencia, the first to stand up to Feijóo to preside over the PP

the militant alexia herranzfrom Gandia (Valencia), has announced that it will present its candidacy this Thursday to opt for “become the first transsexual woman president of the Popular Party in Spain” in the XX Extraordinary National Congress of the party.

The decision comes on the same day that the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has confirmed his intention to lead the PP once the stage led by Pablo Casado has passed.

Herranz, who has already applied to preside over the Gandia PP but did not obtain the necessary endorsements, is a student of Political Science and Public Administration. with your campaign ‘Future in freedom’wants to “give a voice to the members of the Popular Party”, as explained in a statement.

is defined as “a brave, fighter woman and also a transsexual woman affiliated with the Popular Party since 2017”. “I will not ask for the vote of the affiliates for being a transsexual woman, but for a transsexual woman to be president of the Popular Party,” she said.

The Valencian affirms that his candidacy “would already have the necessary guarantees to opt for the presidency of the Popular Party” and that it is made up of “base members, without public office and with more future than past, willing to create a party from the bottom up.” “A candidacy formed by those who call us ‘minorities of the members‘”, Add.

Herranz considers that the PP needs “a strong party for the upcoming 2023 elections” and, therefore, wants to join “the comprehensive renewal that is happening in the regional, provincial, regional and local structures.” “Our rival is not inside, he is the one who currently misrules us. And to beat him we need principles”he adds.

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