A complaint in Jaca for insults in a messaging group ends with three detainees for hate crimes

The Civil Guard has arrested three people for a hate crime, accused of include a person without their consent in a group of a messaging application, in which he received ridicule and homophobic insults for his sexual condition. The operation has been carried out by the Judicial Police of Jaca with the collaboration of Bilbao agents of the same specialty.

A citizen appeared at the Jaca barracks last December to report that he had received insults in a messaging group in which he had been included without his consent. Several users in this group made fun of him and made fun of his sexual condition.

The investigation concluded that the alleged perpetrators were three men living in Bilbao. Agents of the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Jaca traveled to the Basque Country and when they had already identified and located these people, in collaboration with their colleagues from Vizcaya, they arrested them. They are three men of 30, 37 and 40 years of agewho are accused of a crime against privacy and disclosure of secrets about individualswithin the framework of hate crimes.

After passing to the disposal of the Dean of Jaca Investigating Court, they were released pending being required by the judge to testify.

The crime of revealing secrets consists of violating the privacy of another person without their consent, either by seizing their messages in any physical or digital format, intercepting their telecommunications, such as their WhatsApp, or through image and/or sound recording devices. . They are more serious when they affect personal data that reveal ideology, religion, beliefs, health, racial origin or sexual life. The latter would be the case denounced in Jaca.

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