Is it going to rain (or snow) during the Cincomarzada bridge in Aragon?

That Cincomarzada returns as a celebration is a fact, and that Uncle Jorge Park will once again be the scene of the popular concentration is also true, although a series of security measures have been established due to the health threat that covid-19 continues to be. However, the weather is a factor that must always be taken into account when planning outdoor activities, and it is an element that is impossible to control.

According to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), the start of the festive long weekend may be seriously affected by bad weather. It must be remembered that Friday the 4th is not a school day for students from Zaragoza by decision of the DGA. A) Yes, A very rainy Friday is expected in a good part of the Community, something positive to alleviate the drought that Aragon is currently suffering, although it upsets those who considered this day as propitious for a walk, a picnic or an excursion. The first rainy front is already expected for this Wednesday, March 2, although it is expected to be weak, but on Thursday the 3rd another one arrives that will be much stronger and will make its effects felt, especially in the afternoon and at night.

In the morning of Friday, March 4, it will not only rain in Aragón; it will also do so in many other points of the Spanish geography. This front also brings a drop in average temperatures throughout the Aragonese territory. In the afternoon, yes, it is expected that the sky will clear up, with a progressive drop in the level of precipitation.

The weather forecast for the weekend in Aragon

It is not possible to speak in absolute terms of the absence of precipitation, but the AEMET speaks of possibility of weak and scattered rain in Huesca and Teruel this Saturday 5, with less chance of water in the Ebro valley.

The temperatures in Zaragoza capital will be around 6 degrees minimum and 13 maximum on the day of Cincomarzada; on Sunday the maximum will rise to 15.

As for Sunday, the Saturday trend is expected to continue, with scarce and scattered rains, although sunny skies are not expected either and snow is expected at the highest levels of the Pyrenees and Teruel, with the snow level in the 1,000 meters. On Monday, the last day of the bridge, no rain is expected anywhere in the Community.

Latest news about the weather in Aragon.

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