Hermanos Teresa and the restaurant Rodi Fuendejalón, winners

The ‘tuber melanosporum’ black truffle season in Aragon is moving towards its final stretch, as the harvesting campaign will conclude in a few weeks. These days the activities around the prized fungus are increasing and one of them, the end of the sixth edition of Discover the Truffle in Zaragoza and provincewas held this Monday morning at the Azafrán Cooking and Hospitality School.

The winners have been high tavern Brothers Teresain Zaragoza capital, and the Rodi Fuendejalon restaurant, in the province. Six proposals have reached the final and a professional jury has been in charge of making the decision.

After the assessment, the jury has determined that ehe crispy snack of truffled Aragonese cheeses, by Hermanos Teresa, has been the best proposal gastronomic with black truffle from Aragon in Zaragoza; and vanilla from Madagascar and Tuber melanosporum from Moncayo, from the Rodi restaurant, the most outstanding in the province.

Hermanos Teresa thus becomes two-time champion of the route and the only participant who has won this contest twice. The first time was in the fourth edition with a truffled poached egg.

Blanca Rodríguez, from the Rodi restaurant, with her sweet, winning tapa in the province.
Blanca Rodríguez, from the Rodi restaurant, with her sweet, winning tapa in the province.
Gabi Orte

After receiving the recognition, Diego Latorre showed “excited because it is a cover that is having a great reception from the clientele”. It is a kind of sandwich in which the cream of truffled Aragonese cheeses is hidden around two crunchy sheets “with a sweet spot”. To do this, at Hermanos Teresa they use two cheeses from Teruel “which are quite tasty, but do not take over or saturate”.

In the opinion of this cook, “cheese and black truffle are a perfect combination; the milky and fatty hue suits the fungus great.” In addition, it is a fun snack, since it is eaten with your hands, “you don’t need cutlery and you don’t get stains.” In their letter of suggestions they include it as an appetizer “which we will keep until quality truffles continue to arrive from Sarrión, although they have already told us that the season is about to end.”

Blanca Rodríguez, owner of the Rodi restaurant in Fuendejalón, was also “very happy” that her sweet proposal had won in the province. In her case, it is a Vanilla mousse from Madagascar and ‘tuber melanosporum’ from Moncayo. “The base we use is a truffled yolk that we market and that is having a lot of success,” he explains.

It is a recipe that should be tasted at room temperature “so that the aromas of the truffle are well appreciated”. This dessert has been so well received during the contest, that Blanca assures that they will keep it “as long as we can”.

Hermanos Teresa has won this contest for the second time
Hermanos Teresa has won this contest for the second time
Gabi Orte

In addition to these two awards, other prizes have been awarded. Specifically, for the best gluten-free gastronomic proposal made with black truffles from Aragon for the Mononoke bar and its Fantasy pizza. It is made with a base of seasonal mushroom sauce, Aragonese goat cheese and grated truffle.

Regarding the special link to food from Aragón Aragón, the recognition has gone to Papagayo restaurant and its borage carbonara with ‘tuber melanosporum’. The award for pairing with PDO wine. Calatayud has taken the El Foro restaurant and its lamb rib in two cookings and broccoli cream with shiitake mushroom in tempura with fine slices of truffle in empeltre oil and truffle glaze. It is accompanied with Roque Colás wine.

Finally, a special mention from the organization to the involvement and dissemination of the black truffle in the province has been for the bar Torralbilla, which has participated with its drowsy eggs: egg in battered bacon slices and truffle hollandaise.

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