A walk through the culture and history of Aragon without leaving Huesca

</p> <p> A walk through the culture and history of Aragon without leaving Huesca

A walk through the culture and history of Aragon without leaving Huesca

The province of Huesca has castles, monuments and buildings in which to have a good time while discovering places that tell the life of the Community.

Travel is a good time to rest and have fun, but this is not at odds with discovering new enclaves with family and friends. The province of Huesca is a perfect place to start learning about the history of Aragon, its customs, its heritage and its most illustrious characters.

Ibirque Dolmen


prehistoric monuments

Huesca is a territory that has heritage since prehistory. The dolmens of Ibirque, Tella, Santa Elena or Cornudellaamong others, take the visitor back to a time that is the origin of today’s civilization.

Monzon Castle



The magic of Huesca can also be felt on a route through its many castles. Young and old can relive the way of life of the Templars in the Monsoon or contemplate a scenario that they have already seen in movies in Loarre. Other buildings of this type that rise in the province are those of Montearagonin Huesca capital, Benabarre, Aínsa and Castejón de Monegros.

Roda de Isabena Cathedral


cradle of romanesque

The Romanesque is a very widespread artistic style in the province of Huesca, which has in the jaca cathedral its maximum expression as it is considered one of the oldest. Other cathedrals from the same period that are worth visiting are that of Roda de Isábena and Monzón.

San Juan de la Peña


Origin of the kingdom of Aragon

Special mention deserves the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña. To the art that its walls house is added a natural territory without equal. Founded at the beginning of the 10th century, the council hall and the Mozarabic church, which is located above the Romanesque church, are preserved from that time. Another of the places that those who come to this building, which is considered the cradle of the Aragonese kingdom, cannot fail to visit is its cloister, which began in the 12th century.

Alaon Monastery


Beyond San Juan de la Peña

The monasteries of Alaón, Santa María de Obarra, San Pedro el Viejo, San Victorian in El Pueyo de Araguás and the Saint Peter of Siresa they collect in their walls the way of life of the monks who populated those places.



Civil and military constructions

The municipalities of the province of Huesca also have multiple non-religious buildings that are worth visiting. There was a time when wars between neighboring countries were frequent and fortifications were built to defend the territories, such as the Citadel of Jaca. With a pentagonal floor plan, it is a faithful reflection of the military architecture of the 16th century and houses the Museum of Military Miniatures. Great importance too, but as far as mobility is concerned, it has another emblematic building in the province. The Canfranc International Stationwhich is currently undergoing rehabilitation, but you can arrange a visit to see its basements and lobby.



pretty towns

The beauty of the province of Huesca has been reflected by the inclusion of several of its municipalities in the list of the most beautiful in Spain. Alquezar, Aínsa, Roda de Isábena and Ansó They deserve an excursion that allows the visitor to get lost in its streets and feel all its history.
These municipalities are a guide so that the visitor can verify the life that Huesca has had since time immemorial and that are highlighted by the monuments and buildings scattered throughout the province.

Are you going to stay without meeting her? Experience Huesca, the magic of history.

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